Political Advocacy

Your Political Advantage

KPSC is focused on Political Action for the independents in Kansas. We advocate your interests and needs with experience and determination.

Call 1-800-279-3022 to find out more about how KPSC can help you and your pharmacy.

  • KPSC is the most experienced and well-connected resource for Kansas independents, providing detailed information on federal and state regulations affecting your pharmacy, including Medicare and Medicaid.
  • KPSC pays for a well-respected and experienced contract lobbying firm to represent independent pharmacy needs in state legislative matters.
  • KPSC’s staff and lobbyists play a leading role in addressing various federal and state legislative issues for Kansas Pharmacy (e.g., Medicaid, federal regulations, State Board of Pharmacy issues).
  • KPSC has a Government Relations Committee and a Political Action Committee (PAC) to strengthen our presence for state legislative advocacy efforts. Thanks to contributions by many independents, we are growing the PAC to a level where the number of contributions to candidates and amounts given are meaningful and are adding to our access to key policy-makers.


For more information on contributing to the Political Action Committee (PAC) click here!

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